images.jpgHidden Curriculum Ideas
Submitted by Melissa Trautman and Annette Wragge


If your friend has an IPOD or IPAD, they may not have the same applications or games that you like to play.

Friends may not want you to re-arrange or delete the app’s on their Ipod. You can tell them what games you do and don’t like to have on your Ipod if you have one.

Don’t put someone else’s earphones or earbuds in your ears unless you ask first.

If someone says “you get along swimmingly” it means that you are working or playing together well.

When someone says that you are taking a “birdwalk” it means that you are off topic.

You are the “bee’s knees” means that you are the best thing.

If someone says you threw a “monkey wrench” in his plans it means that something caused the plans to change.

Holidays/Accepting Gifts
The Groundhog on Groundhog day is supposed to be able to predict the weather for the coming months. This does not mean that he will be 100% correct every year.

If a friend opens a present with a small amount of money in it in front of you, don’t comment that the amount isn’t enough for them to buy anything with it.

If someone gives you $5 for your birthday, don’t point out that another friend gave you a lot more money. Just say, “Thank You”.

When people ask you what you want for your birthday they are usually just being polite. They aren’t asking you for a list of several items that you would like them to purchase for you.

People display plates on walls as decoration. They are usually not meant to be used to for food to be placed on them..

If you need milk for your cereal, don’t use someone else’s glass of milk that happens to be sitting on the counter.

Babies don’t have to follow the same rules as the rest of us. Babies sometimes
eat with their hands, don’t wear shoes, suck on their fingers, etc. This is okay even though you might be told to not do these things.