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Visual Supports for Teaching Who, What, Where and When Questions

Schedules of Reinforcement/Token Boards

Motoivating Token System.JPG
Puzzle Token Board Using Picture of Highly Preferred Item

First Next Visual

rule Reminders.JPG
Rule Reminder Cards

First Next Then Schedule
Token Systems.JPG
Various Examples of Token Boards

Timer Trun-taking.JPG
Timer Turn Taking Visual

Say HiCIMG0399.JPG
Saying Hi - Visual

Another example of using carpet pieces for a visual schedule.

Using carpet pieces for schedule pictures

Shared by Abbey Manning - First Then Visual Schedule App

"I am currently using it with a 5 year old Kindergarten student. It is very user friendly. You are able to take pictures and add pictures, as well as audio and video. I use it for her daily schedule and I also use the app for her mini schedules too.
We were using a binder with velcro schedule system prior to making the switch to this app. It always seemed very bulky and messy. This has been a good change for us and my student as well!"